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Secure pickup portals

Automatically create secure online portals for responsive documents.

  • ServePort emails 2-factor access instructions and scheduled reminders
  • Portals have no file size or type limitations and data is encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Manage expiration or keep the portal open for rolling productions

Automated cost recovery

An optional paywall ensures payment is received prior to dowload.

  • Pre-configured invoices are added to the portal when paywall is enabled
  • Custom billing for oneoffs or negotiated fees
  • Prepayments are autodeducted from invoices
  • Payment is collected prior to document download

Built-in audit tracking

Everything is tracked and easily reviewed throughout the process.

  • Delivery details show the name/date/time of portal access, payment receipt, document download, and final closing or expiration
  • Reports allow you to monitor all active portals
  • Audit history eliminates discrepencies or disputes surrounding responses
“I was a bit skeptical of online portals at first… but after a few months on Safari, I would never go back.”
Brian Hunt photo VALERIE DECKMAN
Document Retention Specialist
First Merchants Bank

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