Law Enforcement Requests

Instantly deliver any file type/size over a secure, auditable portal that most agencies are already using

Our innovative two-way document portal revolutionizes the process of receiving and responding to law enforcement requests, providing unparalleled efficiency and security. By centralizing all document exchanges in one secure and auditable platform, you not only improve turnaround time but also quickly and conveniently deliver large files in any format.

Additionally, our robust security protocols allow for real-time tracking and notifications to keep everyone informed of the status of requests, while advanced encryption safeguards sensitive information. No more burning files to CDs or sending thumb drives in the mail with long delays and security issues.


Issuers of all types, including government and law enforcement agencies, use Safari's ServePort portal to receive documents.

In fact, 46% of all Safari deliveries are to government entities, including the DOJ, FBI, SEC, IRS, and various state and local agencies. All the issuer needs is a web browser and an Internet connection.


Recently, a large retailer received a time-sensitive request for video surveillance from one of its stores. Within 30 minutes, the documents were received, reviewed, and a 2GB MP4 video was made available for download. The clerk at the sheriff's department could not believe how fast and effortless the process was!

ServePort simplifies intake, no matter how it is received. Internal teams access a secure, custom internal portal (based on matter type(s), teams, or locations) that feeds directly into your Safari system for triage and routing.

Branch / Office Intake Portal

Allow branch and remote office employees to send service directly to your centralized review and routing workflow

Leverage the same intake capabilities your offer to outside issuers to provide a fast, simple, and convenient solution for you remote teams to deal with the hassle of legal service. Safari helps your configure the portals you need, then hosts them on our secure platform so they feed directly into your processing workflow.

The end result is a single, organized system that consolidates all of your legal requests—regardless of method or location of service. It's quick to implement, easy for your employees to use, highly secure, and audited from end-to-end. Join some of the world's largest employers in providing the industry's most convenient internal intake solution.


HR Requests & Wage Garnishments

Pre-configure your destinations by matter type or team and let ServePort route matters automatically

Whether your HR team is dealing with verification of employment, wage garnishments, or other industry-specific requests, the key is to quickly identify and send them to the proper system or recipient. ServePort offers a tailor-made solution to receive, review (if necessary), and route the documents and metadata through a centralized and auditable platform.

Plus, efficiency tools are built in, like deadline tracking, @messaging, and legal review escalation. The end result is a consolidated view of everything that comes in, with assurance that each file quickly and efficiently ends up where it needs to be.

The not-so-hidden cost of routing mistakes and delays
  • Legal Penalties: Failure to process wage garnishments promptly can result in legal penalties and fines for non-compliance with court orders and government regulations.
  • Financial Liabilities: The organization may become liable for the amount that should have been garnished from the employee's wages, leading to unexpected financial burdens.
  • Operational Disruptions: Time and resources spent resolving garnishment issues can divert attention from other critical HR tasks, impacting overall operational efficiency.
  • Employee Financial Hardship: Incorrect or delayed garnishments can cause significant financial hardship for employees, especially if the garnished amounts are not properly accounted for in their financial planning.

ServePort manages all customer notifications, correspondence, and secure portal access without the need to set up an account/password-all it takes is an internet connection and email to securely access ServePort.

Customer Portals

Provide a quick and convenient way for customers to complete forms, upload documents, and even pay fees when they submit requests

Whether you’re receiving consumer data privacy requests, transcript or records requests, account statement requests, or any other industry-specific requests, you need a secure, organized, and easy-to-use submission method. ServePort was purpose-built to handle these varied requests.

With options to upload documents, require specific data, or even collect credit card fees, ServePort's customer portals are the industry's best solution for your team.

If you need to send responsive documents, customers can use the same system to download their files within our secure platform—no accounts or passwords required. It's easy to run reports or audit activity in real-time.