What is ServePort?

ServePort™ is a state-of-the art solution for companies to electronically receive service of process and other requests from law firms, government agencies, law enforcement, and other parties. Serving parties receive instant confirmation directly from the served party in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, ServePort offers a secure and user-friendly portal for downloading responsive documents for subpoenas and document requests. In short, Serveport delivers simplicity, security, and confidence.
  • No password to manage or software to install
  • Eliminate process servers, printing, and/or postage expenses
  • Service confirmation comes directly from the served party
  • Save your profile information to streamline serving multiple documents
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure with industry-approved end-to-end encryption

Ease of Use

  • Requirements: It is best to use current versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. Otherwise, there is nothing to install, no user accounts to set up, and no encryption keys to manage.
  • Performance: ServePort is designed to maximize file upload and download speeds, even if you have a slow Internet connection.
  • Powered by Safari: The team at Safari SOP has decades of experience designing and delivering legal workflow solutions that bridge the gap between companies, law firms and government agencies. To learn more visit our about us page.

Quick Tour

Learn about ServePort's benefits to serving parties and see the entire workflow from document upload to acknowledgment of receipt WATCH NOW
Serving parties simply go to the company's unique URL, upload the served document, and complete an online form.
The serving party receives an immediate acknowledgment of receipt from the served company with a complete recap of what was served.
The served company can securely deliver all of its response documents with no limitations on the file size, type, or number. WATCH NOW
A two minute look at the ServePort intake features and their benefits.

Companies create custom forms to ensure that they receive the key data they need to process your legal orders quickly and efficiently.

Benefits to Companies

ServePort is the first and only purpose-built solution to modernize service of process intake and response:
  • Streamlines and centralizes intake (including from your registered agent)
  • Modular solution that works with your existing systems or with Safari SOP's highest-rated subpoena and garnishment solutions
  • 2-way capability for correspondence and delivery of responsive documents
  • Enhanced security compared to paper-based processes because all data is encrypted

ServePort Benefits for Law Firms