Why go on Safari SOP?

Why go
on Safari?

View unassigned levy / account garnishment orders that require funds to be seized or identify orders with answers or payments due this week.
Capture account and payment details specific to the process, and view them side-by-side with the legal order.
Enforce jurisdictional requirements and ensure compliance with CFPB and other regulatory agencies by configuring fields and warnings based on your policies.
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This view shows who's working on each matter, what's the status, and when it's due.

of the process


New garnishment orders come in via a registered agent feed, internal email to the system, or manual entry.
Identify whether the debtor has an account, if funds are exempt, duplicates, and compliance / jurisdictional requirements.


Track accounts and amounts seized; record exempt funds; and store a screenshot of the debtor’s account.
Instantly view orders with unseized funds and confirm the cumulative amount frozen for all orders.


If interrogatory answers are required, track the answer date and store a copy of what was sent.
Document a partial or full release from the creditor. Safari automatically updates the funds to be paid.


Ensure payment is made on the required date or confirm that a court order was received before making payment.
Use prefilled payment records to save time and minimize typing errors.


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New Order Intake

Automate Matter Creation
Email scanned copy of manually served order directly into a new Safari matter
Direct Feed from Registered Agent
Receive served orders and populate data with a feed from your registered agent
Centralized Intake
On one screen view all new orders that are unassigned or check which funds are not yet seized

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Seizing Funds

Capture accounts, amounts seized, and details of any exempt funds
Quickly route to manager or in-house lawyer for review or confirmation
No Funds
If there is no account or if no funds are available, auto-generate notice to garnishor and close matter

Compliance Assurance

Setup warnings if the order was not domesticated or served where your entity was not doing business
Account Location
Enforce your compliance policies using key data such as issuing state, account location, and customer address
Customer Notifications
Create templates to auto-generate customer notifications and letters for policy and legal compliance

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Workflow Tracking

One System
Easily search and find details and status in one place
Action Reports
View a list of all orders with an upcoming answer or payment due
Auto-update the seized amount with partial or full releases by the garnishor

File Management

View documents inline
Review served order alongside matter details and upcoming tasks
With one click, upload a screenshot image of debtor’s account detail
Automate correspondence
Auto-populate and send standard communications from templates

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Capture key payment information such as account, amount, check number and date
Pre-filled with Validation
Generate pre-filled payment entries that the system validates for accuracy
Track fees collected from the garnishor or processing fees charged to the debtor

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Management Oversight

Run reports
View preconfigured or custom reports and charts
View activity
Audit history captures every action taken in the system
Limit access
Restrict certain matters and actions to specified users

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Trust and Security

Meets highest industry standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, and 23 NYRR Part 500
SOC 2 compliant verified by an independent auditor annually
All client data encrypted at rest (AES-256 bit) and in transmission (SSL-TLS 1.2)

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