The big challenge of routine matters

Managing the subpoena and levy documents coming into you company poses a unique set of challenges including:

  • Volume and Velocity: The sheer number of incoming legal orders can overwhelm even the most organized legal teams. With each order requiring individual attention within tight deadlines, the risk of bottlenecks and delays is ever-present, threatening compliance and operational efficiency.
  • Accuracy and Precision: Each legal order carries specific instructions and deadlines that must be recorded and tracked. A misstep can lead to time on the phone with issuers, financial repercussions (like having to pay the levy yourself), or damage to reputation.
  • Resource Allocation: Staffing and overseeing incoming document review can be time-consuming, repetitive work. Traditional manual assignment methods are not only slow but also prone to errors, leading to uneven workloads and job dissatisfaction.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Maintaining visibility over the status of thousands of orders is a daunting task. Without a comprehensive tracking system, it's challenging to provide accurate updates, forecast workloads, or analyze processing efficiency.
Volume of incoming legal documents by type
illustrates how "quick turnaround" work can quickly swamp your team Diagram of a legal document workflow
If you’ve ever processed third-party subpoenas, then you may have run across the dollar bills that issuers have to staple to their requests to make them valid (an amount so small that accounting often doesn’t know what to do with it). Needless to say, the time and hassle involved in removing the staples can quickly become a time sink when you're dealing with thousands of documents.

Manage everything in one place

In the 21st-century it may sound cliché to talk about bringing disparate systems and processes into a single solution, but in the case of Served Document Management (SDM) the need still exists at most companies.

ServePort is the only platform that offers a comprehensive strategy to collect and manage all of your legally served documents in a single, secure point of access. Say goodbye to sifting through emails, shared drives, and paper files and as you finally consolidate everything in one place.

If you're ready to save time, reduce the risk of lost or overlooked documents, and streamline collaboration across your team, then read on to learn how ServePort is tranforming workflow at some the world's largest corporations.

All matters view
A consolidated view of all incoming served documents
With rules to auto-assign and route matters by type, team, or other criteria
Automating correspondence
ServePort flags possible duplicate and/or related service
And then auto-links it so you can quickly view, comment, and resolve issues

Streamline unique workflows

  • Intake at the Source ServePort integration allows you to receive service without the need for categorizing or data entry
  • Action Alerts Safari tracks deadlines and compliance issues automatically and flags whatever needs attention
  • Duplicate Linking Safari spots possible duplicate service and links it together so you can resolve it quickly
  • Secure Delivery The same ServePort platform that issuers use to serve documents is utilized to pick up the response
  • Cost Recovery Safari auto-generates invoices and then automatically collects payment through the built-in paywall

Never lose track of a document again

Auditability and reportability are essential to oversee your legal operations. ServePort is designed with these critical aspects in mind, offering organized, trackable workflows and comprehensive reporting tools.

Every action taken—from receipt to resolution—is logged and easily viewable. This ensures you can maintain a clear audit trail for compliance purposes, risk management, and workload balancing.

The ability to generate detailed reports on-demand allows you to analyze your operations' effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and demonstrate the value your team brings to the organization.

Comprehensive reporting
Reporting and analytics across all matters
With a complete audit history of who, when, and where they were sent

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