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Process Evaluation Checklist

What legal process teams said they're doing to improve subpoena and info request processing

We centralized intake and routing

Everyone who accepts service at our company—whether registered agent, local branch, store, or HQ—sends each request to one place for assessment.
Intake assessment items
☐ Confirm obligation to respond
☐ Sufficient info to gather a response
☐ Route to process team or escalate to legal

We send acknowledgements to issuers

After we receive a request, we notify the issuer of any additional information needed, the expected timeline for response, and estimated cost to respond.

We created template communications

We use a system that generates routine internal and external communications from templates, then sends and stores them automatically.

We store everything online in one place

Everything is online, from key details like status, deadlines and issuer contact info to internal communications, correspondence, response docs, and invoices.
How a large employer organized its data

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