Why go on Safari?

For the past year we’ve met with legal process teams who handle subpoena responses with a lot of ingenuity (and a lot of spreadsheets). Some were doing okay until they had to work from home and didn’t have an easy way to carry out manual processes—like retrieving paper documents or shipping CDs. Others were already maxed out, rushing to meet deadlines or pushing off other priorities.

What these teams needed wasn’t complicated, but it didn’t exist until now: A system built specifically for subpoena response—that's Safari SOP.

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Tom Melling
CEO, Safari SOP

Why does it need its own tool?

Records subpoenas aren’t like other legal matters or even other document requests. They’re standalone tasks, not e-discovery projects or years-long litigation. And, unlike other document requests, you can charge a fee to respond to them. What most teams need is a simple way to handle a lot of requests, deliver responsive documents, and collect payment.

The main challenge isn’t that routine subpoenas are broad or complex, it’s that there are so many of them.

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