How an innovative law department recovers subpoena response costs

To Kill a Mockingbird
If you’ve ever processed third-party subpoenas, then you may have run across “Pizza Party Money.” That’s what some companies call the dollar bills that issuers staple to request documents (an amount so small that accounting often doesn’t know what to do with it). Needless to say, the gesture doesn’t begin to cover the cost of collecting and delivering the files being requested—but it does help pay for lunch from time to time.

No practical way to get reimbursed

Prior to Safari, ABC Supply was responding to hundreds of supoenas without getting reimbursed. Even a simple “Run, Fetch-n-Catch” required quite a bit of work. Once they reviewed the served documents and determined what was being requested, they had to track down responsive files either at corporate or one of their 800 branch locations. Next, they checked the content for redactions, and sometimes had to create an affidavit of authenticity or cover letter. That time and effort was rarely compensated—let alone the cost of sending the responsive documents on a flash drive by FedEx.
“I was spending hours responding to subpoenas that were so large—100 pages plus at times—that I had to write a cover letter explaining what’s inside, save them to a jump drive, and send them via FedEx. That’s when we decided something wasn’t right. We were offering all of this free of charge.”
Rebecca Logeman
ABC Supply

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